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Translation debs (Re: Debconf 8 internationalization sessions report)

Le November 8, 2008 09:46:48 am Christian Perrier, vous avez écrit :

> i18n work session 2: tdebs
> --------------------------
> (notes taken by Marc Hymers)
> "tdebs" or "translation debs" are an attempt to achieve two goals, by
> splitting localization material out of packahes:
> - reduce space usage on systems with low resources (goal pushed from
> EmDebian) - allow desynchronized updates of translations without requiring
> a full upload or package recompile (therefore potentially allowing l10n
> updates to stable, for instance)
> Various constraints and desirable characteristics were discussed:
>  - Out-of-band translation updates
>  - Only installing useful translations on systems
>  - Reducing bandwidth usage
>  - Avoiding archive bloat
> Discussion noted that "Reducing bandwidth usage" by providing small,
> individual tdebs per package per architecture and "Avoiding archive
> bloat" were contradictory. Instead it was suggested that one .tdeb per

Small note, I was confused at first when I red about TDebs and thought that 
those proposing them wanted to create a new file format (.tdeb). This is not 
actually the case, so unless a reason appears to make a new format desirable, 
TDebs can be assumed to be simple Debian packages and can be called "tdeb"-s, 
but not .tdeb-s, which is confusing. "Translation Debs" refers to the concept 
of addressing translation data distribution issues through changes in APT 
and, depending on the implementation, archive maintenance tools, dpkg and/or 
APT front-ends.

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