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Re: Sun RPC libraries and other stories

----- "Michael Banck" <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:

> Assuming Sun is the sole copyright holder of that code, he could advise
> their IP laywers/whoever to relicense the code; either to the glibc
> license (LGPL-1.2 or later, currently), or perhaps the BSD license.  The
> latter would probably be best for portmap as well, considering is is BSD
> licensed.
> If Sun does not want to relicense to BSD/LGPL this code due to their
> corporate licensing strategy, but still want to see the code remain in
> Debian's glibc/portmap, they should propose a compatible license they
> like I'd say.

For Sun to make this happen we just have to help them line things up. On the one hand, similar code exists in Solaris but we don't want to go through the headache of trying to reintegrate that code into our stack. We need to wave a magic licensing wand over the particular code that we are using, in place. Since this code is from 1984 we have to go through some archeological processes to locate the people in Sun that are the duly designated authorities.

What we need to do for them is provide them a list of URLs to the elements we need re-licensed and the license we think would solve the most problems for us. Sun can then take that source and start tracking down who needs to authorize it.

> Thanks for working on this, let's hope we can resolve this in time for
> Lenny!

No problem. I'm here so I might as well do something useful!

Ean Schuessler, CTO Brainfood.com
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