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Re: Bug#503096: ITP: alpaca -- GnuPG file handling for Emacs

>> > Hence the question goes as: considering that the next release of
>> > Debian is most likely going to be released with Emacs (>= 23.1), which
>> > is integrated properly with EasyPG, do we need alpaca in Debian? I
>> > believe the answer is «no».
>> I think that the alpaca package isn't meaningless even if less
>> people use alpaca than EasyPG.
>> `alpaca' uses symmetric encryption with "--cipher-algo AES" for a
>> new *.gpg file by default, while I haven't found an easy way to
>> customizet EasyPG.
>> To avoid the complexity of handling *.gpg files, I won't enable the
>> alpaca feature if EasyPG is installed, and I'll suggest EasyPG and
>> add more information in the alpaca package document.
> I don't intend to push alpaca into the Emacs main tree.  Please
> allow making just an optional Debian package.

> Does anyone still strongly have objection to this ITP?  If so,
> please tell me against the above comments.

Yes I have, this package for *one single file* won't make it into
Debian, sorry. Please have it included in emacs-goodies-el, it seems to
fit very well there.

bye, Joerg
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