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Re: Possibility for dependencies against specific kernel modules

Bastian Blank wrote:
> Because of some recent events, I thought about the possibility for
> packages to depend against kernel module packages. As we don't want to
> dictate the usage of Debian provided kernels, we need a last resort
> fallback to the modules source.

Exactly because of the option of using custom built kernels, virtualbox 
does not depend on the Debian modules packages, but only recommends them 
(which IMO is correct: the Debian module package will be installed by 
default, but you can skip/remove it if you don't need it).

I don't see how adding source as a fallback serves any real purpose in 
this particular case as you always have the option of installing source 
and building the module manually.

But IMO we do want to have standard modules for virtualbox available in 
stable for the Debian kernels and not force end users to build their own 
kernel modules. Whether those modules should be built as part of l-m-e or 
not is a separate issue.


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