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Problem with libtool relinking

Hi all,

I have a problem with libtool; it's an issue that seems to have been
affecting people for years but I'm having real trouble hunting down a
solution (which I'm sure exists).

My problem is that regina-normal currently needs to build-conflict with
earlier versions of regina-normal-dev.  Otherwise, if an earlier version
of the development libraries is installed, libtool will relink some
libraries against these old versions at the make install stage.

The precise situation is this.  The regina-normal source package builds
and installs libraries A and B, where B links against A.

At the build stage, everything is fine.  At the make install stage,
library A installs without problems into the DESTDIR, but then libtool
tries to relink library B against the older A in /usr/lib (and fails
because the older library is missing some new symbols).

If I don't have regina-normal-dev installed, then B relinks without
problems and also installs correctly into the DESTDIR.

This happens with the most recent libtool in sid, and I am configuring
with --enable-fast-install (thus the executables don't get relinked,
but library B is still being relinked regardless).

Does anyone know if there is a better solution than a build-conflicts?
Looking through the gimp changelog (as an example), it seems that this
problem has been seen and dealt with before in other packages.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas then I'm all ears.

Ta - Ben.

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