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Bug#503082: ITP: dolfin -- C++/Python library for solving differential equations

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

Package name: dolfin
Version: 0.8.1
Upstream authors: Anders Logg and Garth N. Wells
URL: http://www.fenics.org/wiki/DOLFIN
License: LGPL
Description: C++/Python library for solving differential equations

DOLFIN is the C++/Python interface of FEniCS, providing a consistent PSE
(Problem Solving Environment) for ordinary and partial differential
equations. Features includes:

 o Simple, consistent and intuitive object-oriented API in C++ or Python
 o Automatic and efficient evaluation of finite element variational forms
through FFC or SyFi
 o Automatic and efficient assembly of linear systems
 o General families of finite elements, including arbitrary order
continuous and discontinuous Lagrange finite elements, BDM elements, RT
elements, BDFM elements, Nedelec elements and Crouzeix-Raviart
 o Arbitrary mixed elements as combination of basic elements, including
for example Taylor-Hood
 o Discontinuous Galerkin methods including jump terms, averages, and
integrals over interior mesh facets
 o High-performance linear algebra through uBLAS, PETSc, Trilinos and MTL4
(experimental) with simple C++ and Python wrappers
 o Experimental support for parallel assembly
 o Simplex meshes in 1D, 2D (triangles), and 3D (tetrahedra), including
adaptive mesh refinement
 o Multi-adaptive mcG(q)/mdG(q) and mono-adaptive cG(q)/dG(q) ODE solvers
 o Support for a range of input/output formats, including DOLFIN XML, VTK,
Octave, MATLAB, Diffpack, Exodus II

A version of the Debian files is already available in the pkg-scicomp
Subversion repository.


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