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Re: Unable to connect to dbus socket.

Josselin Mouette schreef:
If you are running a panel applet, the
probable cause is that the bonobo-activation-server process from the
previous session is still running and is setting this environment
This appears to have been the culprit. I added the snippet below to the server file and it solved the problem.

Newer versions of b-a-s are based on dbus so this will not happen in
GNOME 2.26. As for the current version, you need to add the following to
your .server file (under the oaf_server with type="exe"):
                <oaf_attribute name="bonobo:environment" type="stringv">
                        <item value="DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS"/>

Thanks alot Josselin. :)
By the way, killer sig.


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