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Re: Terminal emulators and command line arguments (again!)

On Mon,20.Oct.08, 00:51:03, s. keeling wrote:
> Just curious, but why 2 & 3?  Why isn't 1 considered the simplest
> solution?  xterm is ca. 300k.  What Seyon users can't afford 300k disk
> space or its RSS?
> vi's installed on every *nix box on the planet.  Why shouldn't xterm
> be on every X install on the planet?  My /usr/bin/vim.basic is 1.3 Mb.
> 1 seems a far more robust solution to me.
Because it brings benefits to all users, not just users of seyon. I 
recently went (again) through experimenting with different terminal 
emulators and it was pretty annoying that all my keyboard shortcuts 
(based on x-terminal-emulator!) didn't work because one or the other 
wouldn't support some command-line options.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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