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Re: Sidux?

Quoting Kel Modderman (kel@otaku42.de):

(thanks for all details which, I think, are very welcomed by
debian-devel readers)

> There are a couple of home grown softwares included, such as a multi-lingual
> 'sidux' manual, a (K)control centre module for administrative tasks and an

About the multi-lingual manual, it could be interesting if the Debian
i18n crowd is associated to it.

At least, it could bring more localization work.

My personal feeling is that it is very much welcomed to see derived
distros participate in debian-i18n for their localization work,
particularly when they entirely comply with the ground principles of
Debian, which Sidux seems to (as far as I understand from your post).

> * it is severely broken and the Debian maintainer doesn't do anything for long
>   periods (eg, sysvinit + libata shutdown, xserver-xorg-video-vesa)

It would be interesting to have some interaction with debian-qa, here....

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