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Re: Bug#502305: ITP: ulogd2 -- The Netfilter Userspace Logging Daemon, version 2

Pierre Chifflier wrote:
> Ulogd is already packaged in Debian, but I think ulogd2 should be proposed as
> a separate package, because:
> - they are completely different projects, supporting different targets (NFLOG)
>   or features (connection tracking)
> - ulogd is still the stable daemon, for some time I think
> - some applications are based on version 1, and a transition to v2 require
>   many changes
> - both can be installed at the same time
> - packages for ulogd2 will be completely different, for ex. using dbconfig
I'm sorry, I disagree. I think that ulogd should be updated to v2
post-lenny, since v1 is unsupported, hasn't released for some time and
has some serious limitations and bugs (e.g. doesn't work on 32-bit
userland/64-bit kernel systems, including sparc64 which is the only way
sparc systems will be supported in Debian in the future).

Even if we go the separate package name way for some time, this should
be a decision that the existing ulogd maintainers (which includes
myself)  should make and not someone else.
You are, of course, welcome to help and/or comaintain.

I've known about ulogd2 for some time but haven't worked on it because
of its instabilities that make it unsuitable for release. An upload to
experimental might make sense but I haven't worked on this (and neither
Achilleas, AFAIK) because of my lack of time.

If you intend to work on this, please try to coordinate with us.


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