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Re: watch file problem

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Pierre Habouzit a écrit :
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 08:01:36AM +0000, Laurent Guignard wrote:
>> Pierre Habouzit a écrit :
>>> On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 07:53:22PM +0000, Laurent Guignard wrote:
>>>> Hi mentors,
>>>> I wrote a watch file like this :
>>>> version=3
>>>> opts=filenamemangle=s/dhcp_probe/dhcp-probe/ \
>>>>  http://www.net.princeton.edu/software/dhcp_probe/dhcp_probe-(.*).tar.gz
>>>> The URL to download the source file is :
>>>> http://www.net.princeton.edu/software/dhcp_probe/dhcp_probe-1.2.1.tar.gz
>>>> When i do the uscan command i have his message :
>>>> "dhcp-probe: remote site does not even have current version"
>>> What is your current changelog entry ? (its first line will be just
>>> fine).
>> My changelog first line :
>> dhcp-probe (1.2.2a-1) unstable; urgency=low
> And you ask why it doesn't work ? You're kidding us right ?
> Only 1.2.1 is on http://www.net.princeton.edu/software/dhcp_probe/.
> $ uscan --report-status --force-download --watchfile watch --package dhcp-probe --upstream-version 1.2.2a
> Processing watchfile line for package dhcp-probe...
> Newest version on remote site is 1.2.1, local version is 1.2.2a
> dhcp-probe: remote site does not even have current version

Sorry, but i thought that uscan was done to scan according to the watch

Irwin Tillman (upstream coder) sent me this url :

that is active an i don't understand why uscan can't discover
dhcp_probe-1.2.2a.tar.gz file !

That why i sent my watch file.

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