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autoreconf and quilt


(please keep in me Cc:, I'm not on the list)

The 'ballz' package (platform/puzzle game) requires a few changes in
the build system to avoid using the builtin copy of 'chichan' (GUI
toolkit for games)

I checked autotools-dev and decided to implement a solution that
re-run the autotools suite through 'autoreconf' at build time.

The drawback is that the working directory is modified, and it's not
possible to revert those changes in the 'clean target'.  As such it's
easy to build the package twice, forget about that drawback, and
generate a huge diff.gz.

This is especially dirty since I'm supposed to use quilt only for this

It was suggested to run 'autoreconf' manually and convert this to a
static patch.  But this miss the point of regenerating the build
system at package build time (keeping config.* files up-to-date, etc.)

What kind of elegant solution would you recommend? :)



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