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The kernel-img.conf man page


        The kernel images produced by kernel package all obey the
 directives in /etc/kernel-img.conf, for example, to trigger
 lilo/grub. Currently, users only get to see the man page if they happen
 to have the 'kernel-package' package installed. As Bug#373872 shows,
 even official kernel images follow the same convention.

        Now, one could create a linux-image-common package to hold this
 man page and perhaps other docs and utilities common to all kernel
 images, and have the image packages depend on that, which would be
 simple to do.

        Alternately, we can ship the man page in the package manpages,
 since it is effectively useful on any Debian install, but then the
 issue comes of updating the man page. With the previous proposal, I can
 just update the linux-image-common package version, and make the kernel
 image dependency a versioned dependency, and ensure each kernel image
 is associated with the correct man page (however, since kernel-img.conf
 deals with installation option, it is doubtful how useful the
 dependency is, since the package must be installed to learn how to
 manage to modify the installation.

        I can go either route. Comments?

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