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Re: RFA: The Debian Jr. project


On Wednesday 01 October 2008 11:37, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Probably.  But it doesn't stop me from wishing this were not so.  I
> didn't want Debian Jr. to be *only* a packaging effort.  I wanted a
> living, breathing relationship between children, their caretakers and
> developers.  We've fallen far short of this lofty ideal, but that
> doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be kept alive.  That's the
> distinctiveness that is at risk to be lost if we're just absorbed by
> Debian Edu.

That living, breathing relationship stuff sounds good and like a worthwhile 
reason to keep Jr and Edu distinct. But then, it's also something I'd very 
much like to see for Debian Edu and Debian :) (Though then probably with 
slightly different players...)

	Holger, who is also curious to read more about Miriams ideas...

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