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Re: ssh.upload.debian.org

>> Please always only use the symbolic names for the places to upload to
>> (ie ftp.upload.debian.org and ssh.upload.debian.org), do not use any
>> machine name directly. Queues may move at any time, without further
>> notice and the symbolic names will be updated.
> What conceivable reason is there for ever moving the ftp queue off of
> ftp-master?  It doesn't make sense to force everyone to switch their configs
> from ftp-master.debian.org to ftp.upload.debian.org unless there was an
> expectation that the queue would be moved, and I can't see any way that this
> would ever be desirable.  What byzantine model for uploads is being
> proposed, and why?

How about an easy way to continue to be able to upload, even in the case
ftp-master is down?

Feel free to keep your config as is if you don't like the new one hostname, but
dont whine if it stops working, you have been warned. :)

Also, is it really interesting to the average DD where this queue is?
People should be able to upload and expect their packages to end up in
the archive. It really *absolutely* does not matter if that upload goes
straight to ftp-master or to a different host first?!

bye, Joerg
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