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Re: Bug#500386: ITP: libcam -- device-independent image acquisition and processing API

> What are the names of the binary packages? Note we already have packages
> called libcam0 and libcam-dev in the GNU/kFreeBSD port. They are used
> for access to SCSI devices on *BSD systems.

Hmm... that could be awkward indeed.

The binary packages generated by the proposed source package are currently:
  camview - libcam viewer
  libcam-gtk3 - GTK+ widgets for libcam
  libcam-gtk3-dev - GTK+ widgets for libcam
  libcam-plugins-dc1394 - IEEE 1394 Digital Camera device input
plugins for libcam
  libcam-utils - utility programs for libcam
  libcam3 - device-independent image acquisition and processing API

The upstream source builds libcam.so and libcam-gtk.so.  There are no
plans to support BSD, but this is still probably not a very good



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