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Bug#195481: closed by Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> (upstream issue, not packaging related)


On Tuesday 23 September 2008 23:10, Neil Williams wrote:
> > Guess we have different ideas about what "wishlist" bugs are for.
> > My attitude is they're for wishes, like the sea is for fishes.
> Wishes should still have some possibility of attainment, otherwise it
> is wishful-thinking not wishlist. (Subtle difference, at least to me
> - and Holger by the sounds of it too).


> Issues that get no response in years, despite all the changes that
> happen between the releases that occur within that time, should just be
> considered as 'dead'. They had their time, nobody thought they were
> good enough ideas to be worth investing any significant amounts of
> effort. If it was a good idea, the bug report is still there, it is
> still archived. Someone can reopen it *IF* they can make time available
> to turn the wish into a proposal.
> If ideas get positive feedback and the bug report has lots of
> discussion, maybe it is worth making a Wiki page for the idea (as long
> as the discussion has moved beyond painting the bike-shed).


Sorry for the low signal here, but I thought I should state this as I have 
been dealing with those general bugs a lot recently. I do consider the 
general bugs everyDDs bugs though and if there is consensus to leave such 
bugs open forever, I'm happy to let them be. I just think what Neil 
summarized above... :-)


P.S.: please respect the reply-to: header and don't cc: this bug on replies.

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