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Bug#500049: ITP: ears -- collection of MPD/Last.fm clients

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : ears
  Version         : 1.0.0
  Upstream Author : Decklin Foster <decklin@red-bean.com>
* URL             : http://www.red-bean.com/decklin/ears/
* License         : MIT
  Description     : Last.fm plugin for MPD and CD ripper

  Ears contains a number of scripts originally distributed with

   - lastmp, an MPD player plugin that uses lastfmsubmitd
   - peel, a CD ripper that optionally uses lastfmsubmitd
   - several MusicBrainz tools to facilitate getting data in or out
     of either program

  This package replaces the standalone lastmp package that used to be
  part of lastfmsubmitd. However, if you don't use MPD, you can still
  install this package and use peel to rip CDs.

No, the world certainly does not need another CD ripper[1], but it,
along with lastmp etc, weren't doing much good sitting in lastfmsubmitd
and muddying the purpose of that package. So I've split them out.
There's absolutely no new code in this version. MPD users (who still
need something to send data to Last.fm; this is the important one) will
get the usual transitional package.

Basically any other random music tool that speaks lastfmsubmitd-ish YAML
would be welcome here (maybe a tag editor?).

This should make it less painful for other player plugins[2] to depend
on lastfmsubmitd. (and lastmp won't be an entire binary package for a
less-than-250-line script...)

As far as I can tell this name is so dumb that there is little chance of
it getting confused with some other package, generic as it may be.

[1] it was a proof-of-concept for the spool format, I swear.

[2] this is their term, which is why it's in the long description even
    though it's technically incorrect.

things change.

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