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Re: #500000 24 Sep 2008 07:51:01 UTC :)

2008/9/24 Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de>:
> On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Noèl Köthe wrote:
>> we reached http://bugs.debian.org/500000
> Who has won the "Chritian Perrier Award" for the best estimation of
> time for this?

"Rene Mayorga is the winner of the "bug #500000 contest" bet. He
planned it to be reported on September 23rd and just missed the real
date by one day. Congratulations, Rene."
Quoted from: http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2008/09/24#bug-500000-now

Krzysztof Burghardt <krzysztof@burghardt.pl>

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