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Bug#195481: closed by Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> (upstream issue, not packaging related)

> As said, feel free to reopen.

Will do.

Debian has made analogous contributions in similar domains: see
package libpaper, or tempfile(1) in debianutils, or emacsen-common.
So it not just our mandate; we even have a history.

> And, as usual.., are you willing to work on this goal?

Willing?  Yes.  Able?  No, not realistically: too many other plates
spinning in the air.  But I'm happy to bounce things around with

> ...  First, some general plan and then an implementation needs to be
> found, maybe within freedesktop.org, maybe not.  Then, packages
> would need to be changed to implement this plan.  And then ...

Exactly.  There are a number of high-level approaches that could be
taken, and it is unclear which would be most sensible.  (Library, like
papersize?  Executable, like tempfile?  Location network server and
protocol?)  But at root, we should recognize that this is not a very
hard problem; merely a tedious one.  Like many design decisions, it
would be good for a group to talk through some options in order to
come up with a minimal but extensible (eg, accept and/or broadcast
location via avahi) design appropriate to this particular problem.
That's what debian-devel is for, at its best.

Then the real hassle starts: rejiggering all the plumbing to hook
things into a shiny new system.


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