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Do Danish developers care about Debian being installable in their language?

(please forgive in advance the title of this mail which is slightly
agressive...on purpose. I indeed have nothing against Danish
developers: just like all developers and contributors in Debian, you
guys deserve all due respect. I just wanted to get your attention)

As I mentioned on
http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2008/09/16#di-freeze-lenny5, the
current way we handle D-I localization requires that some parts of the
installer are fully translated for us to keep the language listed in
possible installation languages.

Danish currently fails this despite being among the very early
supported languages in D-I.

This is probably because the usual translator, Claus, or his backup,
Jacob (both CC'ed) were busy doing something else, or lost interest,
or whatever.

The situation is now critical, indeed. Even though the decision is not
yet taken, there are risks that we (D-I team) finally decide to
de-activate Danish.

To avoid this, the two following files need to be completed:


This is not huge work: 32 fuzzy and 22 untranslated strings. And 3
days left.

All you need is a good editor, respecting the PO files format (which
is trivial), of course knowledge of the language AND respecting the
terminology used by previous translators.

In case soemone wants to volunteer, please reply to All so that Claus
and Jacob know about it as well as -devel.

Please help me saving the poor Danes....:-)

(and if you're courageous enough, you can complete sublevels 3 and 4 (33f25u)...

Final hint: answering "no" to the question in Subject: is not
acceptable, of course..


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