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Re: RFC: DKMS - Dynamic Kernel Module Support

Tzafrir Cohen dijo [Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 07:08:05AM +0000]:
> > >  - Having files *vital* to the system not tracked by dpkg is
> > > counter-productive. At the very least it thwarts the most basic and
> > > obvious way of integrity protection. 
> > 
> > Dpkg is not tripwire. If you think you can rely on dpkg for checking
> > data integrity, you are fooling yourself.
> Many of those modules distributed by dkms are ones that the user is also
> likely to try installing on his own from source. debsums helps answering
> the question: "oh here's a little module, I wonder where it came from?"
> Do not assume everybody maintaining the system know of dkms (or of m-a
> or such). Knowledge of debsums or equivalent should be assumed from
> anybody maintaining a Debian system.

What does "maintain" mean to you? Do you think that everybody who
bought a Nokia 810 tablet or similar uses it on a daily basis? They
_are_ maintained a Debian-based system. Do regular Ubuntu desktop
users know (or care) about it?


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