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Re: Bug in apt-mirror (0.4.4-4 Stable)?

Hey Debian-Devs, I came across somewhat unexpected behavior just recently when trying to use job control to suspend apt-mirror. I pointed this out to Brandon Holtsclaw the maintainer of the package, but as apt-mirror is a script, I'm hesitant to report this is an actual bug.


Below is the origional message after discovering the behavior.

   I use the Debian package apt-mirror, and for quite some time now
   have enjoyed it's uses thoroughly.

   Just today though I needed to interrupt a mirror download to allow
   bandwidth for another application.  My first thought was to simply
   suspend the job with CTRL-Z.  This appeared to work, I was back at
   the command prompt.  A few minutes later I recieved a complaint that
   said application was still not getting the bandwidth it required, so
   I had to investigate a little.  Honestly my first thought was that
   someone else was simply downloading something large, but I quickly
   ruled that out.  Next I had a hunch that just maybe, apt-mirror
   hadn't stopped as I had instructed it to and sure enough, it was
   still downloading despite having stopped the process with usual job
   Now, I'm hesitant to file this as an actual bug report because I
   can't in good conscience classify it soley as a problem with
   apt-mirror.  I'm wondering what your take on this behaviour is?  One
   should have the reasonable expectation that when a job is suspended,
   that is so, however apt-mirror is scripted so one could also argue
   that this expectation is unjustified.

   Thanks for your thoughts and your time,

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