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Bug#388065: reassign

reassign 388065 cups
tags 388065 +upstream


based on the assumption that a bug report titled "My PC should warn me when I 
try to shut down while my printer is still printing" clearly assumes ("My 
PC") a default printing environment on a default desktop install (which is 
cups) and that bugs originating from packages should be assigned to those, 
I'm reassigning this to cups. (So that the cups maintainers (maybe) 
reassign/clone this to further printing frontends.)

I wrote the above paragraph without reading the actual bug report, then I 
thought "wait, re-read it, there must be something in there otherwise you 
would just reassign" and so I re-read the bug report.

After I've now done so, I still think reassigning to cups (and then clone and 
assigning the clones to kdm, gnome and xfce and keeping this bug to track the 
others) is sensible. 

I've tagged this bug upstream too. ;-)


P.S.: Please cc: me if you disagree, I'm neither subscribed to this bug nor 
the cups pts.

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