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Re: Quilt runs crazy?

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008, Michael Biebl wrote:


Ahh, thanks for openingf my eyes - the diff.gz is definitely broken ...

Btw, the handling of config.{guess,sub} is a bit weird imho.
You update it conditionally in autotools: and unconditionally in

Oh, and another thing:
Updating config.{guess,sub} doesn't require to run autoconf afterwards.

Well, this was done by the former maintainer - I'll try to fix

It's also very weird, that you have patches to change the paths
(10_alpine_1.10_spooldir.patch, 10_config2etc.patch), but in
clean-patched: you change it back using sed.

This stuff from former maintainer has to be removed.

Sorry for the noise



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