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Re: Proposal: user-visible list of divergences from upstream

On Tue,09.Sep.08, 15:53:16, Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:


> README.Debian contains notes about important changes that made in
> Debian's variant of package for a long time of package' lifecycle.
> NEWS.Debian is especially good for upgrading. Changelog is for
> developers and geek users as it contains developer stuff. Patches is
> almost purely developer stuff. In my view, all these files do not cover
> "actual user-oriented important divergences from upstream". Only in my
> view. I understand that this proposed info will interfere with above
> mentioned one in Debian documentation files and will require some
> additional time to maintain.
I think having README.Debian and NEWS.Debian easily accessible on 
packages.d.o would be a progress.

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