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Re: [Fwd: Re: Debian Live Lenny Beta1]

On 01/09/2008, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:

>  > On the R61 I could not get my wifi working.  The Fn-F8 key also did
>  > not work.  I did not test it fully.  Here is an some of the
>  > output of dmesg:
>  in order to use wifi, you need the necessary firmware (firmware-iwlwifi
>  in your case). this firmware is not free, and it's not in debian, it's
>  in non-free.

However, on a PC with an atl2 NIC you need a seperate package with the
atl2 modules installed. I did not use the official d-l CDs so I cannot
tell if it would boot on the PC but my d-l netboot did not.

Are such networking modules included in the d-l CDs?

Would including these packages suffice to netboot on a PC with a NIC
that requires such package or do I need a custom initramfs hook to
include the module?



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