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Re: Unsafe storage device unmounting

Cesare Leonardi wrote:
In May i've sent the following mail to debian-gtk-gnome to signal this
problem but since nothing happened so far, i file a bug:

Since some days i've noted (updated Debian Sid) that when i right-click
on a usb stick icon and select "Unmount volume", the icon disappear
immediately but the unmount progress window doesn't appear and the
device is still mounted for some seconds.
So the problem exposed in bug #367836 is reappeared and to be sure to
not corrupt anything i have to poll the device in a terminal window
using mount to wait it to disappear.

Is the window that shows the unmounting progress lost somewhere?

Any news on this bug? Don't you think that it should be resolved in time for Lenny? Many times i've observed that the cache sync to the usb pen drive happens *after* the disk icon has disappeared from Gnome desktop, in particular with FAT32 filesystem (seems that cache flush are much more fast on FAT16).

For safety now i use to:
- unmount the disk right-clicking on it;
- go to the terminal and issue a "mount" command to watch the situation: most of the time (99%) the disk is yet mounted;
- issue a "sync" command (with FAT32 can take some second);
- re-issue "mount": most of the time the drive in not mounted anymore;
- unplug the pen drive.

Since the problem was solved with Etch using a patch from Ubuntu, i suppose that such patch doesn't apply anymore. But, to me, this bug deserve some attention, since it could cause data loss (and probably who will suffer of it will tend to think of a kernel bug rather than a gnome bug).



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