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Re: Needed information about a structure

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Russ Allbery a écrit :
> Laurent Guignard <lguignard2000@yahoo.fr> writes:
>> Hello developers,
>> I would like to know how to discover the library for the structure
>> "udphdr" because the DHCP_PROBE program (in wanted package of the WNPP)
>> use this structure and configure is OK but when i compile I have this
>> error :
>> dhcp_probe.c:798: error: ‘struct udphdr’ has no member named ‘uh_ulen’
>> I understand that the structure udphdr hasn't the member used in
>> dhcp_probe.c file but i would like to discover where to find the good
>> header file to include so the library which is contain it...
> windlord:/usr/include> grep -r udphdr *
> linux/udp.h:struct udphdr {
> netinet/udp.h:struct udphdr
> netinet/udp.h:struct udphdr
> So /usr/include/netinet/udp.h is the right include file for that
> structure.  (Structure definitions are not something that exist in a
> library, really, although they may be part of the ABI for a library.)
> That structure does indeed have a uh_ulen member iff _BSD_SOURCE is
> defined by the application before including the header file (and various
> other feature test macros are not defined).  See /usr/include/features.h
> and search for __FAVOR_BSD.

Thanks for your answer.

This software has been first developped on Solaris OS. If i want to
build a package on i386, i'll be forced to adapt upstream code...

It isn't good as explain in maintainer guide, but how to do to package
this software as asked in Debian Bug report - #495959 ?

Am i forced to contact upstream developer to ask him to adapt his software ?

Best regards

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