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Re: people.debian.org to move to ravel

On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 02:00:31PM +0200, Peter Palfrader wrote:

> Once the move has been completed we expect to make gluck restricted to
> the people operating the services that will remain on gluck, so please
> clean out your homedir when you no longer need it there.

One of the services running on gluck is lintian.debian.org, which until now
has been available for all developers to use in doing archive-wide scans.
Is this service no longer going to be available to developers at large?

> Ravel is a freshly installed system so there probably are a few packages
> missing that you might need.  Please contact DSA at the debian-admin
> mailinglist with requests.  Also, ssh logins are restricted to key based
> logins, password based logins are not allowed.  Submit your keys to ldap
> as documented on http://db.debian.org/.

What's the reason for this authentication policy, which differs from (AFAIK)
all developer-public debian.org hosts to date?  Is this a sign of a broader
policy change coming down the line?

I generally avoid using password authentication to Debian hosts, *except* in
the particular case of scp'ing files from one Debian host to another because
I don't have a key that I'm willing to do authentication forwarding on to
Debian hosts, nor do I particularly want to use up my home bandwidth copying
files up and down to move them between two remote hosts.  I would appreciate
not having this use case impaired by policy changes of unclear origin.

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