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Re: people.debian.org to move to ravel


Peter Palfrader wrote:
> Once you are satisfied with the content on newpeople you can instruct
> apache on oldpeople to redirect requests to the new place.  On gluck
> do the following:
> 	echo "RewriteEngine on"                                                >  ~/.public_html/.htaccess
> 	echo 'RewriteRule ^(.*) http://newpeople.debian.org/~'$USER'/$1 [R,L]' >> ~/.public_html/.htaccess

[note: there is an incorrect '.' before 'public_html']

I use people to publish not completely ready/wip/... packages in an apt
repo (see my signature bellow).
apt does not follow 301 errors generated by theses rules.

I'm not a apache guru, so do you know another solution ? I tried with '[P]'
instead of '[R,L]' but I got a 401 error (mod_proxy should be configured
for that to work ?)

For now, I removed the .htaccess and I will wait for the DNS move of
people.debian.org (so not removing my files on gluck for now)


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