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Bug#496771: Deb AMD64 eats huge amounts of memory (and babies?) because of badly built libs

Gustaf Räntilä, le Wed 27 Aug 2008 12:50:45 +0200, a écrit :
> I haven't seen many discussions about this in debian, and just 1 about ubuntu [1]. It could be that I have gotten things completely the wrong way (then please tell me so), but it could also be that this has been overseen for too long, and now needs serious attention.

Do not mistake virtual memory for resident memory.  Aligning stuff in
the address space is not a problem, it does _not_ consume any memory
(even less if the library is not even used).

> 31095 gustaf    20   0 1314m 700m  35m R   30 17.8 252:06.36 firefox-bin
> 32197 gustaf    20   0 1006m 439m  39m S   12 11.2 167:03.50 epiphany-browse

Here are the suckers, not pidgin.  Do not have a look at virtual
numbers, as the name says these are virtual.  Have a look at the %MEM or
RES columns instead.


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