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Re: [Suggestion] Reject Mail to ITP Bug

> It will be very helpful if Rejection is also mailed to ITP (where it
> apply) so, that anyone can look at actual reason and fix problem
> (packaging, contacting upstream for license issues etc).


If you

 - get a uniform (and not too hard) way to know which ITP(s) belong to
   the package we just process, if any,
 - hand me a git tree to merge from that has a sane solution[1],

I am willing to apply such a patch. But I'm (for the next weeks) not
going to invest time there myself. :)
(Feel free to open a bug about it to keep track of the status of this)

You want to (currently) work with http://ftp-master.debian.org/git/dak.git/

[1] sane does not mean
    - assume that every uploader does it right and closes ITPs in
      changelog (or even mention them),
    - parsing wnpp bug data everytime

bye, Joerg
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