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bitmap fonts: Can they be rejected by default instead of with manual intervention?

Hi all,

I recently had trouble with a website that uses Times and Helvetica
which I was able to determine was due to unscaled fonts not printing
well.  It took some digging but I eventually, after exploring links and
browsing /etc/fonts based on a link about something else for mozilla
that I was led to by a message on debian-user, was able to find out

/etc/fonts/conf.d needed a symlink to ../conf.avail/70-no-bitmaps.conf

which causes the font server to reject unscaled fonts.

Is there any reason this isn't the default behaviour?  It seems to me
that problems for a regular user who has printing that mysteriously is
illegible are more likely than someone actually needing the unscaled
bitmap fonts on the font server.  

Are there any packages that actual *require* the bitmapped unscaled
fonts?  Perhaps this is part of the unix-like system goal where someone
will say 'where the heck is x' if it's disabled?  If that's the case,
is there anyway to make rejecting them the default behaviour for a
desktop, or even if fontconfig is installed, and disabling be a
documented manual action in that case, and including them only be the
default if there is not fontconfig or maybe desktop?

If it's not to be the default is there a place where this change can be
clearly documented (and a good place to look for other
regular-user-desktop-gotchas-that-won't-be-changed) so that I can point
people for whom I install debian to it, and/or print it, and/or create
a custom post-install (or modified d-i) that does it automatically?



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