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Re: Newby packager need help during his training ;)

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 15:40 +0200, Laurent Guignard wrote:
> I just began to build a package. I read some tutorial and I have a small
> question :
> How to update configuration files stored in local users home directory

Generally, packages don't do that - it is up to the runtime program to
handle /home/user/.foo stuff. The package has no idea which usernames
should be updated and which should not.

The first time that a particular user runs the updated package, the
runtime binary must handle the /home/user/.foo data and either upgrade
it silently or offer a method for the user to contribute to the upgrade

> with these contained in package and save the previous configuration
> files somewhere in the filesystem hierarchy ?

The package shouldn't need to contain files under /home.

(I'd expect lintian to give an error for packages that try to do it too,
but I haven't tested that.)


Neil Williams

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