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Query regarding wtmp log

wtmp man page says: the pair of terminal names |/} logs the old/new system
time when date(1) changes  it.
When I change the date/time, it is not logging the record to /var/log/wtmp.

could you please let me know if there is any settings to be done to log the
date change records, when user changes the date/time.

records are entered only when I run the below commands:
 writetmp oldtime
writetmp newtime

Please let me know if there is any other settings other than manually
writing as above

Thanks a lot!

Chinnakka Batakurki
IBM Internet Security Systems,
IBM India Private Limited,
FTP - 4 - 39, EPIP (Whitefield) Industrial Area, Bangalore - 560066
Tel: +91-80-2266 9885
Mob: +91-9845704118
Email: chinnakka.batakurki@in.ibm.com
Mobile: +91-9845704118

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