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Bug#495628: general: setting system users' homes in their data directory slower security scanning

Quoting alex bodnaru (alexbodn@012.net.il):
> Package: general
> Severity: normal
> putting the home directory of users like postgres or especially backuppc 
> in their data directory makes routine scans of tiger over the homes directory 
> for user related suspect files work significantly slower.
> there is no reason to scan those directories, since they contain structured 
> data only, but only accidental logins of those users may bring bad thing here, 
> and this should be the second reason not to set their homedirs here.

Why don't you discuss this with the respective maintainers of these

I doubt that an overall policy about this is, at this very moment,
something that can really happen and I highly suspect that this bug
report just gets ignored by many (not judging its validity, which I
have no competent advice about).

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