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Re: Can a package modify slapd.conf in its maintainer script?

su, 2008-08-10 kello 19:34 +0200, Fabio Tranchitella kirjoitti:
> Considering that slapd.conf is not (anymore) a conffile, in my opinion this
> behaviour is not forbidden from the Debian policy and thus the bug report
> could be closed without any change to the phamm-ldap package.
> Of course, having an official way from the slapd package to add new schemas
> would be wonderful, but until this feature is added I think that this is
> the only possibility to automatically include a new schema in slapd.conf.

The policy (10.7.4, "Sharing configuration files"): 

        The owning package should also provide a program that the other
        packages may use to modify the configuration file.
        The related packages must use the provided program to make any
        desired modifications to the configuration file.

If I read that correctly, slapd should (but is not required to) provide
a program for programmatically modifying slapd.conf. All other packages
must, without exception, use that program. It seems that slapd does not
provide the program. My conclusion is that other package must not modify
slapd.conf at all in that case. (It does not matter whether slapd.conf
is a conffile or merely a configuration file.)

The best way forward is to write the slapd.conf modification program, or
modify slapd to support a slapd.conf.d directory in addition to the flat

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