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projectb users - we want you


as we are currently planning database changes en masse to the projectb,
please, everyone that is using the database (via its copy on merkel
mostly, i think):

Please login to merkel and add yourself to ~joerg/projectb.users (the
file is mode 666, so everyone with login is able to do it).

List a contact name (if you are a team, list that if you want), an email
address where we could reach you, a little description what its for, and
if you can limit it - also the tables/columns you are using from
it. Feel free to do the latter part by just pasting the sql statements
you do.

Reason: As we plan larger database layout changes soon, it would be nice
if we know who to contact right before, so we can coordinate it a

Also, as a user, or potential user, of that database - feel free to let
us know what other data you would like to see in it. We might actually
put it into the database then. (It has to be related to the archive in
some way, so we wont randomly list, eg., bug data or something, but one
example would be adding the descriptions or so).

bye, Joerg
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