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Re: Re: Bits from the Debian Eee PC team, summer 2008

Dear maintainers, 

you wwrote

> As Robert Millan brought to my attention, in my enthusiasm to present
> our progress towards fully Lenny support for the Eee in the best
> possible light, my announcement muddied the distinction between Lenny
> and non-free when I said that the earliest Eee models are now "fully
> supported" in Lenny. I have corrected my blog article to make it clear
> that full support will not be realized until we have ath5k. The new
> irst point of the article reads:

Eh, yes, but kernel-module "ath5k" is still buggy (Bug #1542: cannot get an IP 
with dhcp) now for almost half a year - and no one seem to care. 

So I think, its is not quite a good idea, to use "ath5k" on an installation 
media, especially for non experienced users.

> Earliest Eee models supported in Lenny

> Lenny will release with the atl2 ethernet driver and the non-free
> madwifi-source now works with the earliest Eee models as well, so our
> patched version is no longer needed.  This means Lenny will work with
> all of the earliest models of the Eee PC: 701 (2G and 4G surf, 4G, 8G)
> and 900! All we need now for full support in Lenny is to replace the
> non-free wireless driver with the free ath5k driver when it is ready.

> Sorry for the confusion,
> Ben

Maybe someone should mention this......



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