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Bug#484700: further info and fix

After discussions with Bernhard on IRC, this bug has been fixed in
busybox SVN (1.12.0) and tested in Emdebian.

<codehelp> blindvt_ : the new busybox chpasswd now *works* yippee!
 the test command I used was:
 echo "neil:balloontest" | chpasswd
 echo $?
 $ 1
 echo "neil:balloontest" | /tmp/busybox chpasswd
 Password for 'neil' changed
 echo $?
 $ 0
 testing with su neil; su neil shows that the first command failed to
modify the password, the second one (from SVN) works fine.
blindvt_: codehelp, ok, thus i consider this fixed. You may want to
verify if it works with 1.11.x; If not then i'm willing to backport
fixes to 1.11.x
<blindvt_> codehelp, and perhaps try svn trunk with the config you used
for your non-working version
 codehelp, let's play safe. Perhaps it works with 1.10.x and it is just
somehow misconfigured
<codehelp> blindvt_: which revisions in SVN relate to this fix, is it
only r23046 ?
 it's too close to the Lenny release to go even to 1.11 so I'll be
looking at whether this works in 1.10.2 or simply moving Emdebian to
1.12 ahead of Debian
 Debian doesn't use the busybox chpasswd in the installer so this bug
doesn't affect Debian as-such
 testing the full config now
<blindvt_> codehelp, i don't know since when it was fixed. r23046 has
nothing to do with it, that one only fixed -e which is not exercised in
your example above
<codehelp> ok
<blindvt_> codehelp, 1.10.4 should work equally well. I'd go for 1.11.1
if i was about to update, though. http://busybox.net/ has a shortlist of
changes for the respective versions
 codehelp, i'll install r23046 on the stable branch in a day or two, to
make sure it ends in the next 1.11 release, fwiw
<codehelp> just so you know, the full diff between 1.10.2 chpasswd.c and
chpasswd.c in current SVN relies on other changes elsewhere because the
build breaks with that patch. Not surprising but it does mean Emdebian
will need to migrate to 1.11.1 rather than try to backport the
chpasswd.c change to 1.10.2
<blindvt_> codehelp, nod. I would recommend and do support going to
1.11.1 at any rate. There were numerous bugfixes and 1.11 is the current
stable release, as opposed to the 1.10.x series which is considered old
<codehelp> agreed - it was only after the worksession at TCl in
Cambridge in June that Debian moved from 1.9 to 1.10 :-)
 it's not unexpected that Emdebian will need to be ahead of Debian
<blindvt_> it's a pity that there are so many superfluous and long fixed
but open bugreports against busybox in various parts of debian. Makes
looking for actual bugs or wishes a bit awkward.
 and i'm not sure if i'm allowed to try to tag them as resolved. I guess
doing so would not be well received which of course doesn't help to cut
down on the number of open bugs
<codehelp> with the extra encouragement from Emdebian, I'm hoping that
D-I will be willing to keep busybox up to date in future - changing
things right now is probably not achievable but certainly once Lenny is
released. You can tag any Debian bugs as "fixed-upstream" - feel free to
do so.
 resolved or closed has a different meaning - fixed-upstream indicates
that the bug submitter needs to nag the maintainer (the Debian Installer
team) to update
<blindvt_> codehelp, ok, i see.
<codehelp> blindvt_ : I have an opportunity to get this whole thing
fixed for Lenny!
<blindvt_> codehelp, awesome. fore! 8)
<codehelp> If you are OK with me quoting this IRC log in the bug report,
I can re-assign the existing Emdebian bug report to busybox in Debian,
make it Release-Critical (as already agreed with D-I) and get it
fixed. :-)
<blindvt_> codehelp, sure, please do.

So I'll re-assign this bug to busybox and raise severity to RC.

Recommended fix is to update busybox to 1.11 once this fix is


Neil Williams

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