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Re: Not stopping daemons, where are we?

[Hai Zaar]
> We can add even more flexibility: You may leave today's scripts as
> they are, and add "skippable" flag somewhere around LSB headers or
> /etc/default/<name>.
> Then if system administrator will have some weired situation where
> he should like to perform explicit shutdown for particular service -
> it can just unset "skippable" flag for that service.

This is already possible using the "flag" represented by the symlinks
in /etc/rcX.d/.  If the package maintainer do not want the script to
run in runlevel 0 and 6, the symlinks will be missing.  If the
sysadmin want to run the script anyway, the symlinks can be added.
The package system will keep the symlinks and the sysadmin should get
what he want.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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