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Re: bug #292231 - fixed in upstream, pending 412 days

OoO En  cette fin  de nuit blanche  du mardi  05 août 2008,  vers 06:43,
jaromil <jaromil@dyne.org> disait :

> the manpage was fixed about 400 days ago and communicated to mantainer
> (also in cc:). mantainer Christian stated he would fix it but doesn't,
> still  now he  is  too busy.   i  am in  contact  with another  debian
> neo-mantainer  Luca (also  in  cc:)  and myself  i  can co-mantain  as
> upstream author,  we offered to  Christian to add us  as co-mantainers
> and he agrees but then cannot do it.

> we are  blocked as he  cannot add us  apparently for no time,  even if
> received  clear instructions  from  Luca. how  we  proceed from  that?
> package hasciicam is dropping out of lenny because of this.

Ask for  sponsorship on debian-mentors@. For  a RC fix,  you will surely
find a sponsor.
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