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Re: Please test syslinux 3.71+dfsg-1

Package: filters-ai
Severity: wishlist

Hi! In order to make life of new release asistants easier, we'd like a
filter that works as seen below. Thanks.


  | From: Daniel Baumann
  | Hi,
  | new syslinux bugfix only release was uploaded to unstable. Most
  | prominently, it fixes some stuff with pxelinux and serial console access
  | parameters, as well as with general chainloading when using logical
  | partitions.
  | I did test the version on most common usage cases and found no
  | regression compared to 3.70+dfsg-3.
  | Please test it as i intend to ask for freeze exception when it has aged
  | 10 days in unstable.
  | Regards,
  | Daniel


  | <panthera> plz test my pkgs so I can has leverage against the release team, kthxbye

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