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Request to check for /dev/.static/dev in /etc/blkid.tab

Hi all,

	Apparently udev 0.125-3 is going to be in Lenny (it's not yet in
Lenny, but apparently the release-team will be giving an exemption to
let it in despite the freeze).  One of the changes in udev 0.125-3 is
that /dev/.static/dev is going to be going away.  (Rightly so, it's a
hack).  However, this interacts poorly with a bug in the blkid library
which will fail to get rid of stale /dev/.static/dev entries in
/etc/blkid.tab.  (See Bug#493216)

	The fix is fairly simple, but I'm trying to get a sense of how
many Debian users have this problem and will get bitten when they
upgrade to Lenny.  So, if folks could type the following command into a
terminal window: "grep /dev/.static /etc/blkid.tab", and if you see any
output, could you drop me a quick e-mail with the results of the grep

	If you do find any output, I'd appreciate knowing when/how your
system was installed, and if you may have ever explicitly typed a
command such as "blkid /dev/.static/dev/sda1".  I can't see a situation
where a /dev/.static/dev entry would get into the blkid.tab file,
except by explicit user action, but the submitter of bug #493216 claims
he's never done this.

	The workaround to this problem is fairly simple: "rm 
/etc/blkid.tab" or "blkid -g" as root will do it; but if it turns out
there are large numbers of users suffering from this problem, I'd like
to so I can petition the release-team for my own freeze window exception
to get in a very simple patch to fix this bug before Lenny ships.

	Thanks, regards,

						- Ted

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