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ITP: laconica -- distributed microblogging tool

I have claimed and converted the RFP at bug #491723.  All that has
changed from that RFP is the Version number.

* Package name    : laconica
  Version         : 0.5.0
  Upstream Author : Evan Prodromou and others
* URL             : http://laconi.ca/
* License         : GNU Affero General Public License
  Programming Lang: PHP
  Description     : distributed microblogging tool

Laconica is an open source microblogging tool written in PHP. All data
is stored in a MySQL database. Laconica was created as a direct
response of a need to create an open source, distributed alternative to
Twitter. Laconica implements the OpenMicroBlogging standard. It was
originally used by the identi.ca microblogging service.

Daniel Watkins (Odd_Bloke)

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