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Re: Good communication with upstream is good idea

Sorry for the out-of-thread, off-list reply, but I'm arriving late to
the discussion. I'm definitely interested in moving forward with a
mechanism that makes it easier for DDs to communicate with Launchpad,
but I want to add a comment on the topic.

The main reason we don't activate accounts on people's behalf is that we
don't want to send unsolicited email -- and yeah, we've had a bug or
three in the past in this area. So the simple process of claiming an
account via the web (which isn't very complicated or timeconsuming at
all -- and if we can make it better, let's do it!) provides us with
the user's agreement that we can email him.

So the crux of the matter is not so much implicit activation (which I
have no qualms with), but actually enabling us to usefully benefit from
the accounts existence:

    * allowing us to email the user;
    * allowing the user, via email, to subscribe or assign himself to
      bugs; and
    * allowing the user to participate in other activities within
      Launchpad through the email interface; for instance, in the answer

If by implicitly activating the account the above is acceptable, then I
think we have a good compromise to work on. We also display a webpage
outlining contributions and allowing user-editable content to be
displayed. I'd be fine with changing the way this is rendered if it is a
concern for implicitly activated accounts. I've added some comments to


and would like help in moving this forward. Thanks!
Christian Robottom Reis | http://async.com.br/~kiko/ | [+55 16] 3376 0125

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