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Re: Standard way to disable services

On Thu, 31 Jul 2008, Guido Günther wrote:
> Why don't we let sysv-init (at least optionally) use policy-rc.d?

Because that would make policy-rc.d and invoke-rc.d useless crap.

The DESIGN behind invoke-rc.d and policy-rc.d is to help MAINTAINER SCRIPTS
don't screw up when restarting/starting/stopping services automatically,
either in the normal system context, or inside special chroots.

They are NOT, and I repeat:  **NOT** user-level interfaces.  They are an
abstraction layer for the Debian maintainer scripts, and that's it.  You
can't extend them past that without making them useless for their purpose,
although you *could* add something like policy-rc.d to sysv-init if you
wanted.  But it must not be policy-rc.d itself.

sysv-init's way to do what you want is to move the links from S to K.
That's about the beggining and end of the issue.  If insserv is breaking
this, it means you have a missing (important) feature in insserv that needs
fixing.  But that doesn't have anything to do with invoke-rc.d and

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