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Bug#492931: ITP: python-ropemacs -- Plugin for performing python refactorings in emacs

Package: wnpp
Owner: David Spreen <netzwurm@debian.org>
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : python-ropemacs
  Version         : 0.6c2 
  Upstream Author : Rope Developers <rope-dev@googlegroups.com>
* URL or Web page : http://rope.sourceforge.net/ropemacs.html
* License         : GPL
  Description     : Plugin for performing python refactorings in emacs

Ropemacs is a plugin for performing python refactorings in 
emacs. It uses rope library and pymacs.

    * Supports many of the refactorings that are supported by rope library:
          o Rename
          o Extract method/local variable
          o Move class/function/module/package/method
          o Inline method/local variable/parameter
          o Restructuring
          o Change signature
          o ...
    * Other refactoring-related features
          o Previewing refactorings
          o Undo/redo refactorings
          o Showing refactoring progress
    * Code-assists
          o Code-completion
          o Goto definition
          o Show pydoc
          o Find occurrences
          o Organize imports (remove unused and duplicate imports and sort them)
          o Generating python elements

I intend to package ropemacs for Debian. I already claimed the RFP for
python-rope (See #467377).

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