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Re: Lenny frozen

Olivier Berger wrote:
> Hi.
> Can you provide a link to policy documents explaining the freeze process
> in more details ?
> In particular, I'm not sure I understand the last paragraph quoted
> bellow,  the "only when this can be done via unstable" :

That means that you shouldn't try to fix these kind of bugs via
testing-proposed-updates as they wouldn't be accepted anyway as they
don't get the usual testing from aging in unstable...



> Le dimanche 27 juillet 2008 à 16:00 +0200, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt a
> écrit :
>> Now, so as not to have everyone contact us at once about packages we
>> know we won't approve, here are the guidelines for changes that will be
>> accepted into testing during the freeze:
>>   - fixes for severity: important bugs in packages of priority: optional
>>     or extra, only when this can be done via unstable;
> Thanks in advance for your clarification.
> Best regards,

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